Bridget C. Oliver (M.Sc)

Masters degree in metaphysical science, professional clairvoyant and tarot reader.

“As a metaphysical counselor and teacher I provide information and advice on metaphysical subjects and spiritual concepts of all sorts and refer to myself as a ‘mystic-soup. I believe there is a malevolent force which seeks to suppress, undermine and indoctrinate the free spirit of humanity. I believe every human being is a free soul and has the right to choose what is best for their own life, health and well-being.” 

Bridget C. Oliver

Meet My Sisters

metaphysical science

Sarah C. McCann

Jane C. Stammers

My twin sisters are as enthusiastic about mystic soup as I am. I rely on their help and support. You will meet them in their blogs, in the mystic soup kitchen and on Facebook.
Jenny C. Dighton

My sister Jenny is very supportive of mystic soup. She is a cancer survivor, a natural medium and has a degree in psychology. Jenny worked for many years as a hypnotherapist. She will be writing about her experiences as a medium and articles based on her knowledge of life. She intends to create some free downloadable meditation for you from her work as a hypnotherapist.


Welcome to my mystic soup centre. A place to reference discover and learn about all kinds of metaphysical and spiritual subjects. Primarily this site is for your health and well-being. You can learn and discover as much about yourself and your life on planet Earth (Gaia) as you wish.

All the information on this site will help encourage you to take action to create a healthy, happy life. Bringing yourself back to balance and vitality, attracting only the good things in life. At the very least I hope to give you food for thought. We are all cut from the same cloth, but each of us is as unique as our finger prints and need our own personal recipe to achieve balance and harmony.

The information I provide is beneficial for those who want to apply it to and change their lives. Information that does not resonate with you please ignore. Any information you connect with, I hope helps you on your journey to wellness. To see full Terms & Conditions please click here.

Curious as to what is going on with the ‘C‘ in our names? Our maiden name is Cork and we carry the C in memory and respect for our dear dad who died suddenly aged 43.


Blogger & Life coach.