Those Timeless Questions

those timeless questionsHow often do you ponder the questions, why are we here? Where do we come from? where do we go? For as long as I can remember I have wondered, what happens when we die? what does it mean to be human?.
These questions have led me on my journey through life to this present point- developing this website.

Every human being has the gift of life to do as he will, even though most believe their life is out of their control.

My first realisation, that I can recall, that we do not live forever was about eight years old and that is when the questions came, with every answer just leading to more questions. Staring into the night sky from my bed; always wondering.

Just before my twentieth birthday, the heart of our family, my dad, died very suddenly and totally unexpectedly from a cerebral haemorrhage, from that moment my journey into metaphysical science and holistic well being began.

My first book of intrigue and discovery flew all the way from Australia, sent by my cousin to my mum – Life Before Life (1979) Helen Wambach Ph.D. Helen, a Psychologist used hypnosis, (a technique to access the subconscious mind) to call forth information that is normally blocked from our conscious mind. Her book, at the time regarded as controversial, is the results of her case studies to discover ‘is there life before birth’. Examples of questions Wambach asked her studies while they were under the influence of hypnosis were: When does the soul enter the fetus? Is the soul of the infant aware of the feelings of the mother? Are you choosing to be born? Have you known your mother-to-be in a past life? What is your purpose for coming into this, your current lifetime? Wombachs book provides insights into those timeless questions about human life on Earth.

I would suggest for anyone mulling over these questions right now, that a good place to start is with The Complete Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue (2005) Neale Donald Walsch. Everything you ever wanted to ask God is answered within these pages. The book is written in the form of question and answer and has been channelled, intuited by Walsch… or maybe, you could surmise that Walsch tapped into the ‘light frequency’ where all Universal knowledge exists, the akashic records, an information field that ancient Hindu spiritual tradition says, is a field from which all the universe is formed and which holds all that ever was, is and will be. This ‘universal soup’ we exist in, is a potential where anything and everything is possible.

I hope to open your mind and explore all possibilities, scientifically and theoretically, not too heavy though…the motto of this site is keeping it simple and bringing it altogether for your ease and convenience. It would be great if the information at mystic soup centre helps you in your healing journey, inspires you or just gives you food for thought.
As for my mind which seamlessly traverses the mechanics of life and the universe, has real trouble navigating the back end of this website despite the patient instruction and encouragement of my wonderful web-master Glen, without whom this site would still be in my imaginings… I need to ‘put my money where my mouth is’ and dive into the quantum universal soup and find Bridget the web-master, cos this is truly doing my head in and holding me back. Quantum jumping on the other hand appears relatively simple… so watch this space….
Bridget x

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