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how to have balance in my life

Hello people so excited to be live !!

Though no one knows I am here, but that is just as well as the site is empty and I need to get those all-important pages on to make it worth your while visiting me. I think if you look around the site you will get an idea of what I am about and trying to achieve. In time there will be enough information on here for you to reference, print, archive and I hope come to realise that I care about you as a human being and I care about our planet and the earth spirit Gaia.

The information on this site is not going to be ‘new age’, difficult to grasp or not applicable to you.
The information will be practical, clear and honest – easy to apply and understand.

I understand you have very busy and often difficult lives. Mystic soup centre is here to help you in your life NOW!
A lot of people want to do something to help the world, their community, their neighbours or just their family, but don’t know how or where to begin. What they/you are not realising is by helping yourself, by creating the best possible life for yourself you will benefit mankind and the planet. I will be explaining how this works and how you can easily bring your life back to balance, harmony and happiness and in so doing effect our collective consciousness and the planet.

I have added a meditation by Ester Hicks channeling Abraham (I am not a great fan of Abraham, but that is my personal opinion, but I like this meditation and it fits the theme of this site and may be really beneficial to your well-being if you fancy to check it out).

I will officially be starting here Tuesday 21st, June 2016.
For now enjoy your life, enjoy your day,

Bridget X

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