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Welcome To The Mystic Soup Kitchen

Here you will find videos of my sisters and myself in the kitchen, chatting about relevant topics and creating all manner of things . For our successful creations you will be able to find the recipe on this page whether it be a bath bomb unique to us, a piece of organite or a loaf using spelt flour. If you have tips to share or can do better than us, please contact Sarah her email is on the contact page.

Mystic Soup, keeping it simple,
and bringing it all together in one pot.

Tune into the life force
Take a cosmic breath.
Become aware of Earth vibrations,
Visualisations and meditations.
Potions and Lotions
Crystals and herbs
Incense and candles
Affirmations say the words.
Cleansing your aura
With colour and sound.
Fairy folk and Angels
Come from other realms
To add a touch of magic
And love from the divine
Creating mystic soup
Try it – it may transform your life !!