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Terms Of Use

If you wish to use content from this site please read the following.
Please use the pdf download feature for pages/posts. This is to be used for personal reference and use, not to re-write as your own content.

I do encourage people to use content from my website on to their own.  I do not have a problem with the spread of information from this site, IF (and only if) it is sourced properly.  The outline for sourcing material from this site can be found down below.  I am making this “use of content” policy because people plagiarize a lot and don’t like to properly source material on their sites because it negatively impacts the aesthetics of the article, they don’t like giving credit to another person or company, or they want people to think it is an original that belongs to their site.

Stealing is unfair to myself as well as the other authors on this website who have spent a lot of time and energy into writing original content for this site.  Sometimes it will take me 5 to 6 hours worth of researching and writing to put together these articles.  Sometimes it has taken me multiple days. It is only fair to give proper attribution and credit where it is due for a body of work that someone dedicated a lot of effort into, especially when it is their legal property.

Copying and pasting another authors work and disguising it as your own because it will make you ad money is like recording yourself playing other people’s music and selling it disguising it as your own because it will make you sales.  Notice how when musicians DO do that, they make sure they specify that it is a “cover” of the original song, and will proceed to list the original song and the original artist.



NOTE: I do not give consent for anyone to take articles from this website, slightly reword them, and republish them as their own articles.  No permission is granted from myself or from the metaphysical corporation to use a legally copyrighted body of work, or the ideas, expressions, and literary concepts within the body of work and replicate them in a slightly different manner. UNLESS the article is sourced properly following the exact guidelines listed above, sourcing at the beginning and end of the article.

Copying an article and altering a few sentences or re-wording my ideas does not make the articles your property, meaning it is therefore still copyrighted material.  According to legal-dictionary the definition of plagiarism is:

“Taking the writings or literary concepts (a plot, character, words) of another and selling and/or publishing the as one’s own product. The actual author can bring a lawsuit for appropriation of his/her work and against the plagiarist, and recover the profits. Plagiarism can be used as the basis of a fraud charge or copyright infringement, if prior creation can be proved…It is not necessary to exactly duplicate another’s work in order to infringe a copyright: it is sufficient to take a substantial portion of the copyrighted material. Thus, for example, plagiarism can include copying language or ideas from another novelist.”

So if I write a paragraph in an article saying “Sacred geometry is a form of universal math that is intrinsic to the activities of nature”, and you decide to write “Sacred geometry is a form of complex mathematics that is essential to the unfolding of nature”, and then proceed to make micro-changes like for the entire duration of the article, you are still taking ideas and concepts from a copyrighted body of work and disguising them as your own without permission from the copyright owner and therefore may be subject to a DMCA Take down for copyright infringement.

All of this messy stuff can be avoided if the articles are properly sourced.  That is all I am asking.  I am the only one who manages mystic soup centre, and it takes a lot of time and effort to do everything on my own.  It is only fair and ethical that works that I have produced are properly sourced and attributed back to me.

NOTE: These guidelines are NOT optional. If you are using an article from my website and are re-posting it on your website, the article MUST be sourced before and after the copyrighted material exactly as mentioned in this article.  Otherwise, permission has not been granted and you will be infringing upon copyrighted material which could result in a DMCA Take down

If you have any questions about this Use of Content policy, you can contact me.