Strange Flying Object

Was it a drone or was it a ufo ?

I was going to write a follow up to my first article and pick up from where I left off with my tales of ghosting hunting. Instead I am going to share a strange event that happened to me a few days ago.

On Sunday 13th May at roughly 6.15 p.m. I was driving back from my parents. On the way home I have to drive through a big industrial estate. As you can imagine, normally during the week the roads through this complex are fairly busy with lots of passing traffic.  This was a Sunday evening so there was not much traffic and only a few people walking on the pavements. At this time in the evening it was still sunny and only a few clouds in the sky. I happened to look up at the sky and saw what I can only describe as a small jet black object. It looked like an upside gyro copter. Appearing fairly low down in the sky crossing from right to left, but heading in a straight line. This object made no noise as it passed overhead.

My first thought was that it seemed odd that I could not make out any features as it was not too high up in the sky.  I watched as it slowly disappeared out of view.  As far as I am aware no one else witnessed the object.  I mentioned earlier there were pedestrians nearby, but they were glued to their mobile phones as they were walking along and not looking up at the sky.

After a short drive to get home, I switched on my computer and scoured the local community board pages on facebook. I was looking to see if anyone else had seen what I had seen. Normally as soon as anything noteworthy happens in my local area someone uploads a picture with a short comment to let people know what is happening. To my disappoint there was no mention of it anywhere.

I know what you are thinking here, why did I not take up the lead and report it first? my reason is that I did not want to be ridiculed and so decided not to, in case people that do not know me think I am a crackpot!

The next evening at pub quiz night, I met up with a friend who lives just round the corner from me. During a break I mentioned to him what had happened the evening before. To my surprise when I told him my story, he said that he had seen a strange object as well, roughly around the same time I had seen mine.  We were sitting at a table with plenty of paper and pens on it. I suggested we take a pen and paper each and draw what we had seen.

After a few seconds of drawing our sketches we revealed to each other our pictures. My picture was a crudely drawn black, upside down gyro copter. His picture was of a classic, disc shaped flying saucer. It transpired the object he had seen was approximately about 10 minutes before I had seen mine.  The object I witnessed was fairly low down in the sky, the object he had seen was fairly high up, but still clear enough for him to see that it was disc shaped. He said the object he had seen had been static whilst pulsating a white light all over it. After witnessing this object for a few minutes, it seemingly just disappeared and faded into the background of the sky.

We could draw no conclusions about what we had both seen, but it did seem odd that we had both seen a strange object roughly within 10 minutes of each other. We both could offer no explanation as to exactly what we had been watching, but the whole thing seems rather eerie.

My advice would be when you are out and about take a moment to look up at the sky,  you never know what you might unexpectedly see!!!



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