We want the best for our children.

To make an informed choice about whether or not to vaccinate our children, we need to know about the vaccine industry and the things our doctors won’t or don’t tell us.   No one cares for our children’s welfare more than us, the parents.

Vaccination is a multi-billion dollar business with only about five companies competing for the rich profits. The fact is modern medicine is a business and the pharmaceutical companies will stop at nothing to keep their monopoly. Do the research they do not want you to do.  We must question our doctors we cannot afford to have blind faith in them where our children are concerned. Parents still believe in and trust their doctor, after all if you can’t trust your doctor then who?  Doctors give the advice they believe to be true, which is the official advice handed down by the companies that produce the vaccines. It might be worth noting that a 90% up-take puts £2400 into your doctor’s purse whereas 70% up-take £800, but there are doctors risking their careers and in some cases their lives, dedicated to their profession, providing the research to show the fallibility and danger to the health of our children with these toxic chemical and viral concoctions. More doctors are finding the courage to speak out against vaccines as more parents are claiming compensation to get some justice for their child mentally or physically crippled or worse, by big pharmaceutical companies who harm children every week with their insidious vaccines more dangerous than ever, their damaging effects lodge in brain and bowel to produce devastating effects to the host sometimes months or years later, making it difficult to relate to the point of origin, the childhood vaccine.

“In many children, the introduction of attenuated germs or viruses, through vaccination, is sufficient to cause severe damage, brain dysfunction, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.” Charlotte Gerson – The Gerson Therapy


Animal cells are used to make vaccines, e.g. SV40 virus, taken from monkey kidney cells and used in the oral Polio vaccine. SV40 was the 40th virus to be found in monkey kidney cells and in 1961 was found to cause cancer in animals and humans. Despite a law being passed in that year against the use of SV40 it is believed, contaminated oral vaccines were still being administered to children up until the late 1990’s. The injectable Polio vaccine is cultivated on Vero cells which are African green monkey kidney cells.

Cow brains are used to culture the Hib vaccine. Human foetal tissue is used in the Chicken Pox and Rubella vaccines. Mix this up with antibiotics, a pinch of toxic metals: aluminium and mercury in various forms; some poisonous chemicals formaldehyde used for persevering everything including dead bodies, phenol (toxic to the heart) a disinfectant and dye, ethylene glycol the main ingredient in anti-freeze. Protein from chick embryos; peanut oil may be used as an adjuvant used to improve the efficiency and intensity of the vaccine reaction in the body. Methyl paraben a preservative and anti-fungal agent; 2-Phenoxyethanol a preservative used in combination vaccines. All mixed in medium 199(a buffered salt solution containing vitamins and amino acids and supplemented with foetal bovine serum) containing SPGA (sucrose, phosphate, glutamate, and recombinant human albumin) as stabilizer and neomycin.


 “What vaccines have become is a multi-billion dollar annual industry that uses its money to manipulate laws, making it a requirement for more children to be vaccinated – not to protect the health of the children, but to protect the financial profits of the pharmaceutical industry.” John McCabe,

No matter what your health advisor may say no vaccine is safe. Ask them to guarantee your child will not have any adverse reaction, in fact get it in writing. When they decline say that you need time to weigh up the risks and ask for the paper insert to see for yourself what adverse effects your child might contract. It is your right as a parent to be informed and not bullied into making a decision before you are ready.


I have an insert from the diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and poliomyelitis vaccine, the ones you never get to see unless you ask… please ask your health care professional for the insert, you know the piece of paper you always find in the box with your tablets warning about side effects.

I have to laugh at how they regulate over the counter medicines, but think nothing of sticking deadly toxins into the blood of our newly born babies in the name of preventative medicine, but that is okay as long as mum didn’t eat mayonnaise whilst pregnant, we wouldn’t want to harm the baby with a glass of wine …I digress, but doesn’t it make you think how ridiculous that is and that there must be more to it?…Why so relentless with their vaccines?

I can barely read it even with my glasses on, the print is so small and light. It says before your child has the vaccine, you should make sure that your child is suitable and inform your doctor or nurse. There is a long list of reasons why you or your child may not be suitable, in other words would be more likely to suffer from the side effects. Out of the long list of side effects Guillain-Barr Syndrome (paralysis of all or part of the body) and epileptic fits jump out, the reason they jump out is because they fall under the heading of common side effects, but state they can’t give an accurate frequency. They also state that besides those effects listed there is the potential for other unlisted adverse reactions. This vaccine can also cause problems at the site of the jab, including brachial neuritis (inflammation of the nerves in the arm).

Inconsolable crying or high pitched screaming and cases of babies screaming with arched backs for 12 hours or more, is regarded as a side effect that will pass. You will probably, or have been told not to worry as it will pass eventually. Any medicine that has a risk of causing swelling to a child’s brain and hours of distressing pain is a risk you surely need to take time to think about.

We are expected to except that seizures, floppiness or turning blue are acceptable side effects, even hospitals see nothing unusual in your visit with your child when they have been vaccinated…how brainwashed we all are. Big Pharma must laugh all the way to bank at our naivety.

Why, when a pregnant mum is frowned on for smoking or accused of not caring if she drinks raw milk  or has a glass of wine, why would you inject her newly born child? which has no immunity or blood brain barrier to protect it, why would you inject a harmful, toxic chemical concoction into this dear little soul newly arrived in this world? a needless vaccine, quite unnecessary. Hepatitis B vaccine may not have thimerosal (mercury) in it anymore, but even if it hasn’t what about the aluminium hydroxide which it does have in it. Maybe it is because the corrupt big pharma, raking in the dollars (a vaccine shot can be anything from £25 to £150 depending on what vaccine and where you get it) want you, mummy and daddy to be used to inoculating your child, with so many more painful jabs to come (40 to 50 here and 70 in the US) they probably want you to come to think of it as normal, sticking needles into your healthy child, filling their blood with toxic concoctions and corrupting the life force that runs through their body, until it cannot perform its basic functions.


Why rush to make your decision? The saying is no smoke without fire. Do you want to risk your child’s health? There is most certainly a risk or there would be no compensation system in place, here in the UK and a vaccine court with specialised lawyers in America. Here compensation comes from the tax payer, in America big pharma pay an insurance of a few cents on each vile of vaccine, whereas in China, Finland and Switzerland the pharmaceutical companies have to cover the whole compensation bill. For autism the risk now to your child is one in every 45 and rising, but even if the risk was one in every 1600 children (as it was before they began the mass child vaccination programs) what if your child is that one?  You become one of the unfortunate parents whose child is collateral damage for the supposed greater good. That is, the greater good of a multi-billion dollar business.

The vaccine industry is built on a fundamental lie that it prevents disease when the evidence has always been there to prove otherwise. Nurses and medics are now forced to be vaccinated and are top of the list for pay outs as we start to see these trained and dedicated people become ill to the point they can no longer continue their career. Despite compensation being available it is not easy to get paid out, if you live with or care for a vaccine damaged child, if you are one of the unlucky, unfortunate parents whose child is collateral fall out, you will know how the establishment closes ranks, denies culpability and leaves you to sit in your nightmare.

The government stance regarding vaccines and especially mercury is that it is safe, but the 3.5billion paid out in compensation every year would suggest otherwise.  Here in the UK our government has its own Vaccine Damage Payments Fund which accepts that a child may die from one of the common vaccines.  If you are disabled because of a vaccine and claim compensation, your benefits will stop or be adjusted… so no gain there then. For a death or a 60 per cent disability as a result of vaccination, the government will pay £120,000. America has a Vaccine Court with specialist lawyers who earn very well from the compensations paid out and they pay out millions, between 60 to 80 per cent of claims are accepted, whereas in the UK only 4 per cent are accepted. The UK keeps a strict review procedure with their pay outs as in the case of Anne Duncan, who died 10 days after having the MMR vaccination. Her case was rejected because she was 17months old when she died and payments are only made to families of children who survive until their second year.  Information taken from VOL 22 NO.3 by Bryan Hubbard

There is so much information about vaccines out in the public domain for any parent to access. We need to do our own research and not rush to vaccinate as soon as our child arrives on the planet. Our babies need to build up some immunity to the viruses and other toxins they put into the vaccines and ultimately into our babies blood systems. With so many vaccines given, the toxins build up in the baby’s body, preventing it from carrying out its vital functions necessary for healthy brain function and growth.

The first vaccine used to be given at 9 months to allow for the babies blood brain barrier to develop, now we don’t wait and inoculate a new-born after 12 hours with the hepatitis B vaccine. A disease that can only be contracted by sexual activity or through blood, the vaccine only lasts 5 years. Is it really necessary? In japan since they stopped vaccinating under twos with the whooping cough virus they have almost eradicated cot deaths.

Josh Hadfield, 8 who was severely damaged by the swine flu vaccine, the pandemrix vaccine was manufactured by pharmaceuticals Glaxo Smith Kline who refused to supply governments unless they were indemnified against any claims. So the company pay out to compensate these poor individuals and then claim it back and continue to poison others. Each of the 50 jabs your child will receive would cost you at least £100…£500 per child, you do the maths… The government were encouraging all pensioners to be inoculated with the flu virus vaccine, even when they had the evidence to prove it was ineffective especially in the elderly…I digress, back to Josh Hadfield, 8 from Somerset who had his life ruined by the Glaxo Smith Kline vaccine. Despite GSK being warned by the European Medical Agency that their product should not be given to children under 20 and a study indicating a 13 fold heightened risk of narcolepsy in vaccinated children, GSK refused to acknowledge  the link…Josh, a victim of big pharma along with an ever growing number of children around the globe, now suffers from cataplexy, collapsing  into unconsciousness when he laughs and from narcolepsy. Drugs costing £15000 keep him awake during the day, he says he wishes he had not been born and his mother has to live with the decision she made believing it was in her son’s best interest. GSK have no compassion for the devastation they bring to people’s lives, they are only concerned with profit. If they were genuinely interested in the health of people they minister their drugs to they would heed expert warnings and studies.

There’s no doubt in my mind whatsoever that Pandemrix increased the occurrence of narcolepsy onset in children in some countries – and probably in most countries,” Emmanuelle Mignot, a specialist in sleep disorder at Stanford University in the United States told Reuters.

Mignot has been paid by GSK to research the effects of the drug.

Josh Hadfield, story taken from Brain-damaged UK victims of swine flu vaccine to get £60 million in compensation, by Tom Porter. International Business Times


Are the big pharmaceutical conglomerates fast becoming a superpower earning billions from our sick bodies?

As soon as your child is born it becomes a source of income for these powerful companies. There is no other reason for their government backed relentless pursuit of their vaccine programs when they know they do not work and worse cause disease epidemics, deaths and harm to our children and elderly.

Vaccines are creating dangerous strains of genetic mutations of what were once childhood diseases, part of immune growth.

The bottom line is children are dying or being harmed as a result.


The Massive Cover Up


The CDC is the US government’s elite public health agency, employed to test the safety of vaccines. Under their recommendations the country’s child vaccine regime has climbed from 5 jabs in 1962 to 72 in 2016. Autism once a rare occurrence, one in 1500, in the US (before the mass infant vaccination programme) is now one in 45 and rising. Vaxxed is a film about the massive cover-up of the MMR/autism data by researchers at the CDC. The film exposes the most serious frauds in the history of public health, brought to light by brave Dr, Walter Thompson who took part in the cover-up of data affirming the link between MMR vaccine and autism.

Despite the vital importance of this whistle-blowing story, it has been ignored by mainstream media. What Doctors Don’t Tell You magazine, April 2017,  an article about vaxxed said ‘The US media’s hostility to its contents, while professionally inexcusable, is understandable, given that US journalism now relies heavily on advertising revenue from the pharmaceutical industry. In contrast, the British media have no such conflicts of interest and, yet, the UK press, despite a proud history of investigations into pharmaceutical industry deceptions (such as thalidomide) has ignored the film’s powerful whistle-blower story, denigrated its producers and – most astonishingly of all – supported its censorship.

The film is made more powerful by the testimonies of parents with vaccine damaged children, home video footage shows children before and then after the MMR jab.

You can download the film from amazon for 99p…it is definitely worth your time to watch it.


The MMR vaccine can cause serious adverse reactions, researchers have admitted this week (7th Nov. 2016). The rubella (German measles) component of the jab increases the risk of infection from the rubella virus itself, and can cause serious skin inflammation and ulcers in anyone whose immune system is compromised. The risk is highest among people with primary immunodeficiency diseases (PIDD), chronic genetic disorders that cause the immune system to malfunction.

Although the risk for people with compromised immune systems has been known, and is even included in the package inserts supplied with the vaccine, it was theoretical, say researchers from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, who say they have uncovered “genuine evidence of harm.”

The researchers analysed the health profile of 14 people—four adults and 10 children—who suffered some form of a PIDD. Seven of them still had the rubella virus in their tissues, suggesting that their immune systems were too weak to get rid of the virus in the vaccine. The virus can damage skin cells and cause ulcers, and makes the person more susceptible to the actual rubella virus, the researchers say.

People with a poor immune system already have compromised T-cells—which are responsible for clearing viral infections—and the MMR makes the problem worse. The Vaccine Bible



The Cervarix HPV vaccine is raking in billions for the manufacturers GlaxoSmithKline, despite one in 10 girls suffering from adverse reactions. The vaccine designed to prevent cervical cancer. Dr Sin Hang Lee, a Chinese pathologist now practising in the US, has written to China’s drug regulator, the China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA), to reconsider its decision last July to approve Cervarix.  Dr Lee says the HPV vaccines haven’t prevented even one case of cervical cancer, and yet had been associated with tens of thousands of reports of adverse reactions in young girls, ranging from nervous disorders, chronic disabilities and even death. GSK has announced it hopes to make the vaccine available in China from 2017, a move that could generate as much as $64bn if all the 143 million girls and young women aged between nine and 25 were vaccinated. There should be a good up-take as cervical cancer is the 2nd highest cancer for women and will more than recoup the almost $500 million in 2014 GSK were fined for bribing doctors in China.


If you are unsure or in doubt because you don’t know what information to trust, I would say the fact that there is so much debate is enough to air on the side of caution. Do the research in your own time and don’t allow yourself to be bullied into making the decision before you are ready and if possible wait to vaccinate  your child until they are two years old and had chance to build a healthy immune system which childhood illnesses help to develop. A healthy immune system is central to a healthy life.

Read my raw milk article to get advice on good nutrition and a healthy start for your baby.


Parents who choose not to vaccinate their children are made to feel guilty by the Medical Profession which in the main is owned by the big pharmaceutical corporations and are agents for them to peddle their drugs. No medical expert with hand on heart could come forward and declare that injecting toxic chemicals into the immature immune system and vulnerable brain of your child, (50 times by the age of seven and then through puberty still jabbing them-up, all in the name of preventive medicine) they could not state in truth that a life of persistent inoculations will not have long term effects on your child’s physical and mental health. A good number of parents are consenting to the vaccines and holding their breath in the days after, hoping for no adverse reactions or emergency trips to the hospital. Some parents are being bullied or worse forced to give consent, some children are being inoculated without the consent of their parents. Court cases between parents to inoculate or not their children are fast becoming common place.


To speak out against vaccination can be very controversial, but the science is out there to read and study to prove beyond doubt that vaccination as a preventative medicine is based on false science.

In all of its literature to parents, the Department of Health does not publish one word of information about potential side-effects or lack of efficacy of any vaccine, even though this material is freely available in other countries.  WDDTY.

The Alliance for Natural Health International is a consumer group that aims to protect our right to natural healthcare and nutrition…Robert Verkerk PhD executive and scientific director says “The bottom line is that the public is being misinformed about vaccine safety. When consent is granted for a childhood vaccine, parents are not offered the known, relevant information. We’re consistently told that vaccines are safe and effective, yet the scientific facts and growing body of evidence from courts and government compensation schemes around the world tell us otherwise. Informed consent should also offer alternatives, such as ways to enhance immunity naturally.”

ANH International has launched a petition to put pressure on health authorities and governments to stop claiming that vaccines are safe in the face of evidence pointing to their risks, many of which cannot be predicted for any given child receiving the full vaccination schedule. Information known to licensing authorities is not being given to those consenting and data demonstrate harm have more than once been concealed by health authorities, as revealed in the film vaxxed (99p download from amazon) the dvd is for American recorders only.  link to petition.


My Experience.

My twin sisters suffer from grand mal epilepsy, we believe, as a result of vaccine damage. I was advised by professional health care people to not vaccinate my son with the whooping cough vaccine because of this, not just me, anyone who had epilepsy in their family was given this advice. My son was bright and quick to learn, he was reading and doing simple sums at 4 years and a very healthy child. Then the news was full of the whooping cough virus. I tried to get advice, but none was forth coming.  I made the decision out of fear and a belief I was doing the best for my child, a decision I have long regretted.  Almost immediately his behaviour become challenging and odd, is the best way to describe it, he suddenly could not read and I would get annoyed with him. Then he could not count past the number 3, when previously he could count perfectly into double numbers.  When it came to writing he began writing backwards and letters were formed as if copied from a mirror…. all a long time ago now, my son now in his thirties still struggles with life, as many young men and women who have been affected with some type of dyslexia, do. Too many young men born in the late seventies early eighties lost their lives to drink and drugs used primarily I believe to self-medicate mental pain and to wipe out feelings of inadequacy at not being able to cope in society. You may say you cannot blame vaccination for this, but it is my belief that the brain damaging effects of vaccines are very wide ranging and differing in severity, to the point you know there is something not quite right with your child, but it is hard to define and so you live with the changes and get on with life. I have to say my daughter was vaccinated at the same time as my son and showed no adverse reactions, certainly not as dramatic as my son’s.


This is Mystic Soup Centre’s opinion about vaccination based on personal experience and our research, research I might add that anyone can discover for them self. We have become used to accepting ADHD, autism, allergies, colitis, epilepsy, eczema, persistent cough and asthma as normal in our children; most babies are now the product of vaccine damaged adults. So here we are destroying ourselves at a genetic level…WAKE UP…be arsed…do the research they don’t want you to do!!!!!!   And above all TRUST NO ONE when it comes to your child’s welfare.

These are my personal views and the view point of mystic soup. Hope they give food for thought… our advice is don’t rush, take your baby home and support it in building a healthy immune system with proper nutrition which will safe guard your child through life, if you feel you must vaccinate then wait until your child is two.





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